Jun 18

Santa Clara County Parks needs input from us

The county will be opening up some of the trails in Sanborn park to multi use, which is great. Though this is not expected to happen for a year or two, the county is trying to get a jump on things by doing some maintenance on existing singletrack.

Chris kangas figured that ROMP and the mountain bike community needed a representative in attendance to show our support and willingness to volunteer, even if mountain bikes won’t see an immediate benefit.

Saturday, we re-benched and brushed a section of the Skyline trail, north of Sunnyvale mountain. It is amazing how much you can get done when you have 25+ volunteers.

A few pix here

Chris spent a fair amount of time talking to various County folks, and many of them expressed the same sentiment: they want mountain bikes to have more access to trails, but due to their positions, they can’t have the appearance that they are trying to favor any one group. Many of them actually ride, which is cool. They also mentioned that traditionally, the MTB community has not been been the best at getting their voice heard, which is true.

Getting out and volunteering helps, as does filling out one of these surveys

He was told that “yes, they do get read”, and the survey was suggested to me when I brought up the fact that Calero’s master plan is coming up for review.

You can fill out the survey and say that you want access to Calero with your bike.

Each county person that he talked to was supportive of more access to Calero for bikes, though the message needs to go through “official channels” (survey, public comment, etc.) for it to really make a difference. Hell, even the really nice and progressive equestrian lady that he talked to was supportive of increased bike access. She was of the view that more people using trails means more support for trails in general, which benefits us all. Very cool.

Become a trail Crew Leader July 14th and 15th!