Ride Ratings

An “A” ride has the fastest pace, longest distance, and/or the most climbing.  “B” is easier; “C” is the gentlest pace, distance, and duration.  In addition, SVMTB and other area groups offer Beginner-level rides, for riders new to the sport or starting again after not riding for a while.


  • “A”:  Fast or race-paced ride, typically long distance
  • “B”:  Quick-paced ride with more regroups than an A-paced ride. A fun workout for strong riders, usually with multiple hours of strong riding.
  • “C”: Casual, social, intermediate pace.
  • “Beginner”: Slow, gentle pace – social or introductory ride with possible skills practice. Riders need not be experienced or fit.

Pace generally reflects climbing speed; downhill speed on most local trails is limited to 15 mph.

Drop policy: A and some B rides may drop riders who cannot maintain the pace. For more info about a specific ride, check the ride listing or contact the ride leader.

Technical Difficulty

Technical difficulty is another important rating element, based on the hardest significant technical portion of the ride, such as rocks, roots, or dropoffs.   For example, if a trail has ten miles of fire road and one mile of technical singletrack, the ride would be rated based on the singletrack.

EASY — Smooth singletrack or fire road; obstacles such as rocks and roots might exist but are not numerous.

INTermediate — Steep, rutted fire road; singletrack with extended sections that can include medium or large rocks and roots; stream crossings; exposure; long singletrack descents.

DIFFicult — Singletrack with very steep and/or rocky sections; narrow trails; exposed sideslopes; downhill-side-sloped sections.

EXTreme –Singletrack with extended steep climbs or descents over rough terrain; many tight switchbacks and turns. Portions may require portage.