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Oct 21

Ward 1 & 6 Candidates Response to SVMTB Questionnaire

Ward 1 Siemens and Buncic combined response Ward 6 Hassett and Lewke combined response

Aug 10

Action Link – State Park funding

The California State Parks Foundation requests our assistance in urging the Legislature and governor to allocate the recently-identified State Park and Recreation Funds (SPRF) revenues back into our state park system. Despite recent statements from the governor, they are concerned that it is not a done deal that the Legislature intends to allocate the $20.3 …

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Aug 23

San Mateo County Parks Survey, Please Fill Out

This is San Mateo County moving fwd with trail extension along Crystal Springs Reservoir, please fill out the survey to add to the discussion. survey monkey Thanx Jim S My main suggestion was to add the dirt trails that parallel Canada Rd to the options for bicyclists to use on Bicycle Sunday. My reason being, …

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Mar 09

MROSD parking ban on Skyline Blvd at Skeggs – vote!

‘MROSD would like to restrict parking along Skyline Blvd and La Honda rd (84) to reduce use of unauthorized use of open space preserves. After hours use of preserves tends to be associated with illegal marijuana cultivation, campfires, underage alcohol use and other undesirable activities’. Please find attached a PDF of a map and a …

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Sep 30

Environmentalists ramping up statewide ballot effort to save state parks

With the Schwarzenegger administration preparing to close up to 100 state parks, California’s top environmental groups are quietly putting together a ballot campaign they hope will turn the bad news into a renaissance for the state’s long-struggling park system. The Nature Conservancy, National Audubon Society, Trust for Public Land, Save-the-Redwoods League and others have raised …

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Dec 04

La Honda Creek OSP Draft Master Plan Open House Report

Mountain Bikers were out in force to object to the near total ban on bikes in La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve. Good Job! Thanks Everyone who came out to The Mountain Terrace owned by our friends at Alice’s Restaurant. Francois was kind enough to show a few pictures for those of you who could …

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Dec 02

close the Bay Trail gap at Moffett Field

The Bay Trail organization ( could use letters of support for their effort to close the Bay Trail gap at Moffett Field. I’m asking ROMP, the Cities of Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, San Jose, the VTA and individual members to put their support behind this project. It would be a major connection between the …

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