Apr 11

VOCal event at Coe postponed ’till 4/28th…

(from P. Nam) The trail building event on the Jim Donnelly Trail this weekend (4/14-15) has been postponed due to the amount of rain the park is receiving this week.


… The soil has become too saturated to bear a division of volunteer trail workers and their ancillary support vehicles accessing the back roads.

The Jim Donnelly Trail building event is rescheduled for the 28th of this month, 2 weeks away. To sign up, go to:


The event is really cool!

FREE FOOD, FREE CAMPING, FREE BEER, FREE EVENT T-SHIRT and other nice things are part of the deal.

We will be camping at Hunting Hollow this time. It couldn’t be more convenient!!!

Well, of course this is a prime time weekend, and you may have made plans already, but please change them if you can and come on down. Bring your friends and family. Let others know. Pass it on!