Mar 02

March 7th,6:30 pm.Calero Reservoir Co Park Trails for Mt Bike Riders

Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting

March 7, 2012, starting at 6:30 pm.

County Government Center

70 West Hedding Street, San Jose

Isaac Newton Senter Auditorium.
Please consider attending this strategic meeting.
If unable to attend upcoming mtng, please consider penning a short note to Elish Ryan

Here is a short+direct suggestion for how SCCo Parks can facilitate Mt Bike riders within Calero:

Hi Elish,,
Loop trails are what most cyclists prefer, your reducing the trails riding opportunities to mostly out and back scenario as shown in the latest Calero trails plan does a huge disservice to Mt Bike riders.
The equestrian+hiker community can have their own private area, as shown in the initial preferred alternative showcased in November.
Removal of proposed bicycle use from the Figueroa Trail and the Canada del Oro Trail as shown in the latest trails plan not good for facilitating pedalers.
With those 2 trails gone, the only way to make a loop trip is to ride the paved McKean and Casa Loma Roads., both unsafe alternatives for mt bike riders.
Please return to the original November 2nd plan, where mt bike riders are allowed a loop option when cycling within Calero Reservoir Co Park.
Thank You,