Nov 07

MROSD Wants to CLose Mindego Hill to Bikes

Mindego Hill was annexed to Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve. Due to Concerns about the San Francisco Garter Snake, they are going to recommend closing the trail to Mindego Hill to Bikes.
The proposed Ancient Oaks Connector tr is the only new multi use trail proposed in this upcoming public meeting.
The “multi-use 4 mile loop” shown in the Mindego plan is already 1/2-3/4(roughly) in existence+in public use as part of Russian Ridge.

Also, on a more fearsome extrapolation of this proposal:

The open ended nature of this interpretation-implementation of mrosd trails (non)access potential.
If bikes are verboten from Mindego Ridge trail , even though it meets the stringent criteria established by the Federal Endangered Species act,in that it is outside the min protection(1,500 feet) demanded by the most restrictive Fully Protected endangered species rules.
This broad interpretation could be used to ban our ranks in the future, whether it be 1500ft,or 10,000 feet….and beyond…
Food for thought , consider attending the Use and Management Committee meeting on Nov 10, 2011, 1pm, at 330 Distel Circle Los Altos, or contact the MROSD board directly, see link below:

Meeting Agenda

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