Aug 23

San Mateo County Parks Survey, Please Fill Out

This is San Mateo County moving fwd with trail extension along Crystal Springs Reservoir, please fill out the survey to add to the discussion.

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Jim S

My main suggestion was to add the dirt trails that parallel Canada Rd to the options for bicyclists to use on Bicycle Sunday.

My reason being, if we dirt riders can show that the sky is still above us ,even after bicycles are allowed on dirt trails within San Mateo County Parks jurisdiction, then we can move fwd and propose other dirt trails where Mt Bikes can potentially ride….

Also, please allow bicycles on the dirt Crystal Springs trail that is goes from Raymundo wy to Canada rd.

Mt Bike riding has gotta start somewhere in this most restrictive of all SF Bay Area “Recreational” organizations(San Mateo County Parks+”Recreation)

Please complete this Trail User Survey and also forward it.
Update about the Crystal Springs Regional Trail.

1) SMCo Parks are fully funded on the South of Dam section Construction starting in summer 2012.

2) Partially funded on the South of Highway 92 section.

County Parks seeks your input! We’d like to learn more about the users of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail. As we continue to design and construct additional sections of the trail, it is important for us to gather information about trail use and trail user opinions. And as the trail system gets busier, it is important for us to get feedback from users about their experiences on the trail.

Please tell us what you think.

Thank you for your participation.