Aug 26

Public Hearing,re Calero Draft Trail Plan Sept.15, 6-8:30 PM,

A small group of equestrian’s are asking that Calero remain hikers and equestrian only even though the stables are closed and cannot reopen.

Thursday, September 15, 2011 6:00 – 8:30 pm Almaden Community Center Multi-Use Room, 6445 Camden Avenue San Jose, CA 95120

Calero Park Master Plan Overview

Important We Have Responsible Cyclists At the Hearing to Support select trails opened to shared use(mt bike riders) that provide loop options(spread trail users out=good)

The SCCo Parks department has developed a trail plan that would reserve a core are for equestrian’s who don’t want to mix while opening large areas to cyclists and dogs on leash.
Calero Park Master Plan Timeline-

Calero County Park Trails Master Plan – Parks and Recreation, Department of (DEP)

A recent Technical Advisory Meeting, some suggestions that would make it a little better for cyclists so that cyclists could access the park from the West, North and South then do some large loops to get the full experience while still preserving a core area for equestrians. The suggestions seemed well received by the SCCo Parks Department. I’m hoping these changes will be incorporated by the Department and be part of the public hearing.