Aug 23

MROSD Annual Report, Excellent Read!

Fall 2011 Issue


Geocaching Program Off to a Great Start
The District’s geocaching program launch event held July 9 at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve brought out approximately 200 eager geocachers of all ages and experience levels. More >>

A Message from the General Manager
The Metamorphosis of Mt. Umunhum
Earlier this summer, on a beautiful sunny June day, I watched workers in white full-body containment suits, helmets, and gloves meticulously cleaning the outside of a dilapidated brown building behind bright red strips of caution tape labeled “DANGER- Lead Removal”. More >>

2010 – 2011 Financial Profile
The District has remained fiscally stable over the past year during a persistent recession because of its continued focus on fiscal discipline. The District�s revenues for fiscal year 2010-2011 were $30.5 million, lower by $1.2 million over the prior fiscal year. Revenues consist of program revenue that includes rental income, grants and donations, and general revenue primarily from property tax and investment income. The District receives approximately two-thirds of its tax revenue from Santa Clara County and one-third from San Mateo County. More >>

Field Notes
Check Trail Conditions
When planning a visit to open space preserve trails this fall, visit the Trail Conditions page for a complete listing of trail conditions, temporary or seasonal trail closures, and periodic updates, or call the Trail Conditions Hotline at
650-691-2150 (enter Option 3) or the District office at

Updated and Expanded District Dog Waste Requirements
In the fall 2009 and winter 2010-2011 issues of Open Space Views, the District reported on what to do when nature calls for your canine companion while visiting District open space preserves. The District has expanded its dog waste requirements due to increased dog use which resulted in recent public and environmental health concerns. The District is now applying its “pack-it-in, pack-it-out” philosophy to dog waste, and is requiring dog walkers/owners to bag and remove all dog waste from District preserves. More >>

What’s the Dirt?
Taking a Closer Look
Embrace fall, the season of change, by changing your perspective. Challenge yourself to pay closer attention to the world around you and to view nature in a new way. Have you ever felt awe for the way a young child playing outside can become completely captivated by an insect they find on the ground? More >>

Mt. Umunhum Update
Status of the Remediation and Site Planning Projects
The District is pleased to announce that the federally funded remediation work at Mt. Umunhum was completed on July 7, 2011 and the remediation contractor remained on site through the end of July to perform additional, non-hazardous cleanup work. Completion of this work is a major milestone on the way to restoring the site and providing future public access.

Environmental Restoration and Public Access Project
Planning for site restoration work and improvements for public access are ongoing. Please see the updated scheduling highlights… More >>

More Information
For any questions regarding the Environmental Restoration and Public Access Project, contact Meredith Manning, Senior Planner, at 650-691-1200 or mt.um@openspace.org. For more project details and updates, visit the Mt. Umunhum Project page.

Did You Know?
Visitor Estimate Survey Project
Beginning in summer 2007, District staff implemented a Visitor Estimate Survey Project by sampling a range of preserves during different seasons in order to estimate the amount of visitation to District open space preserves. Data collection continued during spring 2008, winter 2009-2010, and fall 2010. More >>

2010 Donation Acknowledgements
Donations and gifts to the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District help protect open space, preserve wildlife and natural habitats, enhance the positive experience of visitors to the District�s public open space lands, and aid in our efforts to create an open space legacy for future generations. Below are the donations and gifts received in 2010. We are publishing the names of these generous individuals and organizations to publicly express our sincere thanks for their thoughtful contributions. More >>

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