Jun 16

Soquel Demo Forest Logging activities

We received the following notice from Ed Orre, Assistant Forest Manager of Soquel Demonstration State Forest:

As many of you know, the parking lot for Soquel Demonstration State Forest and about 0.5 miles of the top of Hihn’s Mill Road is located on land owned by Roger Burch and managed by Redwood Empire Sawmills.

Redwood Empire is currently logging the Burch property in this area. You probably saw some of their loggers camped in the parking lot. I’m not sure how long their operation will last but it could be several more months. Our parking lot is their log landing. We were just advised that they plan to work along Hihn’s Mill Road for the next few days. They will be falling timber along the road and yarding (dragging) logs to the nearest landing. This means that …..

Hihn’s Mill Road through their property will be closed until further notice.

This includes the bridge, parking lot and about 0.5 miles of road.

The State Forrestry department also has a timber harvest planned for this year. Please check the ROMP list or the MTBR norcal forum for more information.