Jun 07

MTB Tahoe Epic weekend August 13-15

August is coming up fast, and with it MTB Tahoe! Along with Mere Mortals and 5 other Northern California mountain biking clubs, ROMP is once again participating in this annual festival of trailwork, camping – and of course riding – in the Lake Tahoe region. This year’s event happens Friday through Sunday, August 13th to 15th. A limited number of camping spaces will be open to early arrivals from Wednesday night the 11th if you just can’t get there soon enough.

Pay with paypalThis year’s campground is at the Zephyr Cove Resort, a commercial site on the southeast shore of Lake Tahoe. ROMP has reserved campsites for 20 participants. The campground itself is a walk-in arrangement. Loading assistance is available but vehicles are not allowed. Seehttp://www.zephyrcove.com/ for more information about the campsite.

The trail project this year is a new segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail near Kingsbury. The current TRT routing in this area is along a public road. The new segment will not only bypass the paved road, it will incorporate officially sanctioned bike-friendly features. This is a project you can be proud to participate in, and your help is most definitely needed!

Trail construction is scheduled for Saturday morning and early afternoon. So what will we be doing the rest of the weekend? Hiking, swimming or kayaking in the Lake, hanging out at the campsite… oh yeah, and riding! There will be several organized rides on some of Tahoe’s finest and most scenic mountain bike trails. The list hasn’t been finalized, so stay tuned.

OK, so what’s the catch? ROMP will be asking participants to put down $10.00 per person to reserve their campsite. Signups will be taken through our PayPal page. Watch for the announcement on the ROMP and Mere Mortals Announcements email lists. Since the 20 spots will likely go quickly, we’ll maintain a waitlist so the inevitable last-minute schedule changes won’t leave us short-handed.

MTB Tahoe 2010 has an official web page at mtbtahoe10 – watch this space for the latest from the MTB Tahoe brain trust. And for additional information, contact Chuck Fry at chucko@chucko.com or 408-230-2715.

Linda George reports:

I visited the campground last fall and walked around the sites. Our area is away from the main road and above the RV area – I think it’ll work out well, especially in the popular vacation days of August (nice to be a little ways away from the mobs). Camp staff members have golf carts to help people carry gear to the walk-in sites, but I’m not sure they’ll be needed for such a fit group!

If the following link works you’ll be able to see the ZC pier. Directly across the highway from the pier are the RV spaces (a few rows of pavement winding eastward). The walk-in basin is east/above the RV section, and has a paved loop path around it.