Jun 04

Mike Vandeman – cyclist hater arrested

VANDEMAN, Michael J., a White non-affiliated male, 67 years of age.

On Friday, May 28, 2010 UCPD received a report of an assault with a deadly weapon which had occurred around 6 weeks earlier. The assault occurred on a Sunday on the East-West Fire Trail located in the hills above campus. The victims, two non-affiliated White males, reported the crime after hearing of similar incidents occurring to bicyclists on the fire trail. The victims were riding their bicycles westbound on the trail when they encountered the suspect walking in the opposite direction. The suspect was holding a handsaw and cut one of the victims across the chest with the saw. The victims asked the suspect why he had attacked them. He told them they should not be riding their bicycles on the trail. The victims positively identified the suspect from a photograph. UCPD contacted the suspect who admitted to holding a saw in front of some bicyclists on a trail and contacting one of them with the saw. The suspect was subsequently taken into custody. One of the victims suffered minor injuries during the assault. Additional charges may be filed from similar incidences on the fire trail including one reported in a crime alert on May 6, 2010.

Berkely Crime Alerts

Please contact the UCPD if you have had an incident involving Mike Vandeman. Other victims have been coming forward, and it looks like the case against him is getting stronger.

Case #10-01964, Officer Garlick, “If you have a question about a particular case, you may call the UCPD business line at 510-642-6760 and make your request to Records who will then let you know if that information can be made public.”