Apr 21

Bike Trips in Italy

I want to invite the traveling types among you to join me on a cultural bike tour in Italy this summer.

Once upon a time I moved to Italy. And I found- not only the beautiful landscapes, charming towns & wonderful food the country is famous for- but also touched an undiscovered world of rich traditions, lively culture and warm, welcoming people. This world was the “authentic” Italy many travelers seek, but never find. And I returned home filled with energy to share these experiences with others. Turns out this “authentic” Italy is as excited to meet us as we are to meet them!

Since then I’ve devoted my life to taking people on cultural bike tours through Italy. Affordably.

I’d like to extend the invitation to you:

Biking Puglia’s Dazzling Coast – June 15th – 24th
Beloved by its people for the warm weather, sparkling seas and haunting wind, Puglia is a land of dazzling beauty and ancient mystery.

Farmers, fishermen and housewives are our guides and our hosts. Enjoy the simple beauty of their ancient olive orchards & stone farmhouses, or the splendor of the region’s Baroque cathedrals, Byzantine mosaics and eclectic villas. In the evenings, indulge in home-made southern meals, excellent wines, and- if the mood is right- some Pugliese folk songs and dancing.


  • Ten days of riding by beautiful countryside and along coastal roads
  • Guided tour of Lecce�s baroque churches
  • Enjoy a traditional homemade lunch with a farmer�s family
  • Overnignt in beautifully-restored 6th-century stone dwellings
  • Relaxing over a glass of wine at Otranto�s castle
  • Motorboat visit to the Adriatic sea caves
  • Authentic cooking class- begun by hand-making pasta or hand-picking our own tomatoes
  • The mysterious trulli-town of Alberobello, a UNESCO-heritage site

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Learn more at: Biking Puglia’s Dazzling Coast

Mountain Biking Sicily – September 6th – 15th
Co-guided by a local Sicilian off-road competitor who grew up riding these very trails, we journey across dramatic mountains, swanky beaches, vibrant cities and circle the volcanic crater of Mt. Etna, while enjoying island’s fine wines and traditional meals home-cooked by mamma or at the local trattoria.


  • Spectacular single-track rides through the Madonie mountains
  • Discovering the extraordinary Norman mosaics of Monreale
  • Traditional cooking lesson with the ladies of a hilltop village
  • Night ride toward the Piano Battaglia summit, followed by a homemade dinner under the stars!
  • Grilled fish on the famous Cefal� beaches
  • Almond wine & sweeping views from romantic Taormina
  • Ride the slopes of Mt. Etna to its red-hot volcanic crater

Difficulty: Moderate-Challenging

Learn more at: Sicily Mountain Biking: Summit to Sea

For info about everything else, visit PiccolinaAdventures.com. Or feel free to email me at laura [at] piccolinaadventures [dot] com .

I hope you’re enjoying the sunny, springy weather!
Sincerely, Laura