Jun 15

Solving Californias Economic Drought

This afternoon held some �good news, bad news� for California�s state park system.

The bad news first � the Legislature�s Budget Conference Committee voted to adopt the Governor�s proposal to eliminate core, state funding for our state parks. But the good news – and it�s good!- is that the committee also voted to enact the State Park Access Pass, CSPF�s proposal from last year to institute a surcharge on vehicle license fees of non-commercial vehicles, in order to provide Californians with free day-use access to state parks and generate much-needed revenues for the system. The version adopted by the Budget Conference Committee today differs from last year�s proposal in that today�s action adopted a $15 fee, in order to gain permanent General Fund savings of approximately $143 million annually. In exchange for paying the fee, residents driving into state parks with a California license plate would receive free day-use entrance into state parks.

This is good news, but it’s only one step toward a final budget victory. Since the vote was divided, this proposal still has a high hurdle to overcome, in order to be enacted. Please TAKE ACTION and send a message to your legislator supporting the State Park Access Pass and urging the Legislature to Save Our State Parks!