May 22

MROSD conflicts and the Multiple Use Doctrine


I�m a student at UC Davis interested in the management of public lands, multiple use planning, and mountainbiking. I�m currently taking a class in environmental law, and am writing a paper focusing on the MROSD El Corte de Madera conflict with an emphasis on compliance with multiple use legislation. However, I am not very in tune with the area or the conflict; I have ridden there once and have some limited information about the district�s management policies so far, but have since been researching and trying to find out more about the controversy as it stands now.

From reading MROSD�s website and its plans for its El Corte de Madera Watershed Protection Program, it would appear that the district cares about the interests of mountainbikers in the area and is serious about planning for them. Yet, I keep hearing stories about their goals of changing their criteria of a �trail�, limiting mountainbikers to using 65% of their trails, and taming down the ones that we do use. I have no personal experience with the district (though I have requested an email interview from them), so am now asking whether anyone has any personal experience to share, possibly from a public meeting about any of these changes, running for a position on the Board of Directors, etc. This is probably the closest thing I will get to an interview from someone in the mountainbike community, so any input at all would be greatly appreciated. And in return, if anyone is interested I will let them read my completed paper.

Thank you!