Apr 24

Cyclist Rescues Hiker

“As I rode out from the park on Old Haul rd, I encountered a hiker yelling for help… I approached her, she was separated from a Santa Cruz chapter of the Sierra Club , had pretty much no idea where she was. I directed her towards, and stayed with her til near the Wurr rd parking area, which was where her group of 12 had embarked, and she was headed exactly the opposite direction of. When she reconnected with her group in about 2 miles,she burst out crying, was so relieved to see them. They were most appreciative of my assistance…we spoke briefly on the nature of reconnoitering one’s self out of the Redwood forest..how disorienting it truly can be, even when one has a map…. I was sure to add, that it was quite ironic that a fellow on a Bicycle, which has + continues to be many times the target of some Sierra Club slings, rescued one of theirs. This point was not lost on their group, we spoke of the need to build on these strengths. Who knows, maybe a few anti pedalers were moved to a more neutral, possibly even pro pedaler position yesterday”.

— Jim