Dec 03

Wish List

One of the things that came up at the Club Care Crew Weekend is that in many ways ROMP looks like a very developed, polished organization. We work hard to achieve that. Still, there are plenty of ways other people can help out.

We Need You!

Tree Decorators
We are making ornaments to put on a tree in downtown San Jose Dec 8 9-12PM. Contact normonster for more info

Web Content Editor
Read the email list, keep your ear to the ground, and maybe MTBR and post and cross post related advocacy issues to the romp home page and calendar. Really pretty easy but some knowledge of HTML is needed.

Web Developer
Our postnuke installation is old. Our look is stale. Upgrading it or migrating to drupal would be cool.

Bike Shop Liaison
Do you have a local shop you stop by once a month . . or more . . .or less? Before you go, check out the ROMP site and tell them what is going on in the world of advocacy. Do you work in a bike shop? Keep your co-workers informed! Print out or pick up flyers and newsletters and drop them off. I’d Be happy to go with you on your first official visit.

Land Manager Liaison
Do you have a good working relationship with a land manager? Help keep us informed!

Ad Hoc Committees
We need help with planning events. It would be great to get a ROMP n STOMP together and I think I know enough equestrians to make it happen this summer. We may do the Coe IMBA Epic again this year, or similar. Wouldn’t it be fun to organize a weekend in Tahoe, North Bay or Oregon with ROMP? Help make our annual picnic a success! Doing this by committee is Fun! and Educational. How about a movie night or bar night?

Monthly ride gala
Did you come out for the post Holiday party at ECDM? We had 40 people show up! It would be great to be able to do that every month. We would need a few people to show up and lead various speed groups, choose a location to ride and a place for post ride food.

What else? We are open to Your ideas!

Contact the prez if interested.