Dec 04

Mountain View Bike Skills Development Center Update

I have been pushing on Mountain View’s Department of Parks and Recreation to develop a bicycle skills center (AKA Bike Park) in MV. Funding and even a location has been identified, but approval of an easement on PG+E lands has been dragging.

Here is the proposed location under a set of power lines by the dog park to the north: Google Maps I recently got a voice mail after inquiring from Paula Bettoncourt from the CIty. She said it is very slow going. They have made some progress up to Northern Area Transmission line superintendant. He is reviewing the proposal and will address it. She did not say when. The City contacts them frequently. Enough so that she said they are a thorn in PG & E’s side. Important to the city but not as much so with PG & E Sh had received an email reporting these facts from PG&E on Friday, November 9th. The delay on this report is my fault.

I asked about other locations which are quite unlikely. There is extreme neighborhood opposition near Whisman, Cuesta, etc. parks to any kind of active type activity next to residences. Other areas in the Shoreline area are pretty much already spoken for. Uses include wildlife habitat, mitigation for development projects, and ball parks. The Shoreline park master plan does not permit recreational facilities but the PG&E land under the lines doesn’t require a reversal of policy in the Shoreline Master Plan.

I am also interested in the land behind Gunn High School. Does anyone know anyone in Gunn who might be interested in starting a HIgh School League team? Work with me and the school to build a skills center behind it? email me