Nov 06

Road to SDF to be blocked off 11/8

Santa Cruz County Roads will be putting a K-RAIL (concrete barrier) on Highland Way at the slide about 4 miles past Burrell Fire Station on Thursday, November 8th at about 09:30.

The road has been closed to CAL FIRE vehicles since April, 2007. Now it will be closed to all traffic. County roads said that only a bicycle or maybe a motorcycle might be able to get through, but that is all. There is the possibility that there will be NO PARKING signs on one side of the road for about one mile from the K-RAIL.

A lot of the local folks are very upset with this and have been asking a lot of questions both at Burrell and Corralitos Stations. The users of the Soquel Demo Forest and the paint ball battle zone and the 100+ residences will have a largest impact.