Nov 21

Open La Honda Creek OSP to Bikes! Meeting 12/4 4-7 pm

Please attend upcoming open house public meeting for La Honda Creek open space preserve scheduled for Dec 4th, 4-7pm @ The Mountain Terrace. Located across Skyline blvd from Alice’s Resturaunt at 17285 Skyline blvd, 94062 Presently the “plan” has 0 access for bicycles on this 5,759 acre preserve,with a very open ended “once a safe through trail connection is secured” for bike access on the Ridge Trail alignment. No acess within Driscoll Ranch, even though this has been an historically shared use area popular with the pedaling residents of La Honda. Midpen is promoting this acreage as “the Gateway to the San Mateo Coastal area”. Looks like the gate’s closed as far as cyclists are concerned.

Tell the Board of Directors how you feel

Read on for more of what you can say

I strongly encourage you to allow mountain biking in La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve.

I attended both of the planning meetings for La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve. At these meetings I was pleasantly surprised to hear the equestrian advocates from Woodside and elsewhere commenting that the long lines of site in the Driscoll Ranch area make it a good candidate for multi use.

The community of La Honda has expressed its desire to keep these trails open to bikes. I am surprised that the District is willing to continue to not listen to the desires of its coastside constituents. Many of these constituents have used the Driscoll rRanch property when it was private for mountain biking.

MROSD envisions La Honda Creek as a gateway to the San Mateo Coast. Even from Skyline Boulevard, this gateway is to serve only those who can travel on foot or hoof the 10 miles each way, making it a highly exclusive gateway for a few people who have the time and money to keep a horse in fit condition, or can take an all day hike.

It is entirely unreasonable to not open certain trails near the town of La Honda and connector trails through the preserve to bikes.

Biking is environmentally friendly
Biking is fun and the kids and adults in La Honda want to do it
La Honda residents want to open the preserve to bikes. Closure will result in bad publicity / badwill
Less enforcement / Less costs / more friendly rangers might be a good thing
We want regional trail connectors
Why aren’t you basing your decisions on what your “electorate” wants?
Use more volutneers to build, maintain and supervise the trails