Oct 21

Trailhead Cyclery Demo in the Demo 11/3-4

We are excited to share with you the new 2008 Demo Fleets at our favorite place to ride! I’m expecting some of the best conditions all year, as Fall usually conjures up moist and tacky trail, free of dust and soaring temps. Fall offers some of the best riding conditions of the year. ( Sorry to spill the beans all you riders who already know this!) As some of you know, these Dirt Demo’s are a blast. How often do you get the chance to ride sweet new bikes in our favorite forest for free and then eat free food and drink free drinks when you’re done? How ’bout three or four times a year with the Trail Head Cyclery crew! We are committed to bringing you the opportunity to ride what we ride, where we ride. Whether you’re just interested in finding out what the full suspension thing is all about or you are honing in your decision on a wicked new steed, this is the chance to find out for real.

When: Nov. 3rd and 4th, 9 a.m. ’till 3 p.m.
What: Demo bikes from Specialized, Intense, Ibis and Yeti
Where: Soquel Demonstration ForestWe’ll have BBQ and plenty of good snacks

What to remember:

* Your driver’s license is mandatory
* Your credit card is a must have
* Your riding gear. (helmets, gloves, hydration, tools, fuel)
* If you know how to remove your pedals, bring ’em.
* Trail difficulty ranges from as easy as it gets to advanced.
* Kids are welcome, but they need a parent or guardian.
* This is to test out multiple bikes.
* If you want to do a three hour ride just rent one of our bikes sometime.


We’ve been driving through the closed section for like a year now, but the county does consider it closed due to a short section that is very narrowly hanging onto the mountain-side. Trail Head Cyclery recommends driving through Corralitos to access the Demo. This will take 45 minutes from the shop, so plan ahead! I know, it’s a long drive, but there is NOWHERE else like the Demonstration Forest… And, nowhere else allows a mountain bike dirt demo like this one. Let’s hear it for the SDF! What? You haven’t been there? Dang, you really should come to this!

This is how you get there:

* Drive Hwy 17 to Santa Cruz and go South on Hwy 1, past Aptos and exit on Freedom Rd.
* Go left on Freedom, drive a few miles and turn left onto Hames Rd.
* A few more miles and you reach the intersection for Corralitos Rd. and Eureka Canyon Rd.
* Turn Left onto Eureka Canyon Road.
* This is your road to the Demo. Up Up Up the twisty mountain road to Highland Way. Down Highland Way approximately 2 miles from the high point will be The Soquel Demonstration Forest.
* A long dirt parking area on Highland Way on the left with a narrow steel bridge going across a stream is the trail head. If you don’t drive a sports car, you can drive across the bridge and up a very short dirt hill to the right into a large parking lot.
* You are there! Yeehaww!

I highly recommend looking keenly at a map before making the drive! Do not attempt any short cuts. Do not take Buzzards Lagoon Rd. Do not take Lower Highland Way.