May 23

Sanborn Master plan approved with almost 20 miles for bikes

The master plan for Sanborn was approved today by the board of supervisors. This is great news as the plan includes almost twenty miles of multiuse trails that that will begin opening to bikes over a period of time starting in the fall of 2009. it will begin to complete a gap in the Bay Area Ridge Trail from Saratoga Gap to Lexington Reservoir.

The reason for the delay has to do with preparing exisitng trails for bikes, and building some important connectors so that there will be satisfactory loops available to cyclists when the trails open.

In addition, State Parks management is on board with opening the section of the skyline trail in Castle Rock between Route 9 and sanborn park.

This is cause for much celebration! woo hoo!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the master plan process! Show your appreciation for new access by volunteering with County Parks! Become a Crew leader july 14-15! Follow the link and Look under Quick Clicks on the right for Volunteer Here.