Apr 13

Bay Trail around Moffet comments needed by 5/3

The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project is the largest tidal wetland restoration project on the west coast of the United States. This project is huge in scope and impacts recreation and commuting options along the Bay in Alviso, Moffet Field, and near the Dumbarton Bridge on the peninsula.

The project is seeking comments until May 3, 2007 on the Environmental Impact Report. The EIR has three basic options: A) do nothing, B) drain a few salt ponds and provide more recreation along the bay, and C) drain most of the salt ponds restoring more habitat, provide less recreational loops along the levies, but provide a better, more complete regional trail across Coyote Creek towards Fremont from Alviso. I believe option C is the best. More information on options

The best thing about this is that both option B and C will provide access along the levies so that we will be able to ride along the bay to the north of Moffet Field, but your comments are important!

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