Mar 25

National Parks Service is Listening . . . Talk!

The National Parks Service has started a centennial initiative, and they want your help to form a vision of what the National Parks and Parks Service will be like in 2016. They want you to answer a few questions by April 2.
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I attended the National Parks Service Listening Session on Thursday in the Presidio. It was very much a mix and mingle kind of session, with a speech by the big boss and even a movie.

I was especially impressed by the deep enthusiasm of all of the staff. These folks really care about getting people excited about National Parks.

I managed to introduce myself to the superintendent of GGNRA. He is enthusiastic about working with San Mateo County Parks and MROSD to get multi use trail alignments heading north through the SF Watershed by Crystal Springs Resavoir.

I talked to folks from Point Reyes and met the Superintendent for Yosemite. The problem here is that 2/3 of Point Reyes is Wilderness and virtually all of Yosemite as well. The yosemite guy is a road biker and he would really like to see families be able to ride their bikes around the valley floor not on the major roads, but rather on a mostly paved path that circles the valley floor.