Dec 18

Get Involved!

There has been a lengthy discussion on the email list about how we can improve ROMP and get more people involved in making ROMP fun, social and an effective advocacy organization.

To here all the gossip and the latest breaking news about ROMP, sign up to our email list on the left of this page. You can choose individual emails or a daily digest.I said I would summarize the suggestions that people have made that I support. I would like to reiterate that I cannot do all this myself, and am actively looking for somebody to head any or all of these activities up. While advice and suggestions are welcome, they will remain just advice and suggestions unless somebody steps up and takes action.

1) Ask your friends to Join.
2) Print business cards to give out to non-members to remind them to join
3) Allow payment for memberships on paypal
4) Make a “real” marketing campaign with metrics and feedback on efficacy
5) Make people feel they are welcome
6) More social programs. (Maybe heavily discounted for members)
7) Try to bring in younger members
8) ROMP Trips for Kids Chapter
9) Skills classes
10) Singles Rides
11) New Riders / New Members for Free on Craigslist. I support listing stuff on Craigslist, but I am not sure about Free Memberships through Craigslist
12) “New Riders” easy ride
13) ROMP water bottles with Marketing insert
14) No begging, pleading nor guilt
15) Co-List Rides with other organizations, other outlets (e.g. Mere-Mortals, Nocal High School league)
16) Make a business plan / Overall marketing Strategy / Marketing tactics. Answer questions such as “Why Grow? How to execute the Plan? Who to target? How to fund it?” Maybe form a committee to formulate the plan.
17) Writing a couple of newsletter articles
18) Update our brochure
19) Get some social events on next years calendar
– Coe Epic
– Carrot Fests, one for each county
– Picnic
– Weekend Trips (Tahoe, Fort Ord, Henry Coe)

Let me know what you would like to help out with.

Josh Moore