Sep 20

Trail Worker Party summary

Sept.19th’s Trail Worker Party at the Sports Basement was good. 21 people showed up. Most of us were the usual suspects, however we did recruit a new club member. Also Cathy Moyer, ED of Volunteers for Outdoor California http://www.v-o-cal.org/, took the opportunity introduce us to her trailwork program.
I showed a6 minutevideo compilation composed of shots taken during Coe trailwork days last year. ROMP President Josh Moore delivered a power point presentation that encapsulated what ROMP is doing,and listed most of the advocacy and traiworkopportunities (suggestion: This could be posted on our website). Patty Ciesla delivered an overview on what’s happening up at the Soquel State Demonstration Forest. It seemed implicit to me that the volunteer managment of Redwoods Bridge Project would be managed for our advocacy groups (NorCAMBA, ROMP, Stewards of SDF) by v-o-cal. There’s no date given for this project.

We did get to hang around and party and browse the store as well.

I did get some useful feedback and suggestions to use for the next trail work season. I was also able to articulate and test some ideas in front of the group.

Communicaton: We will start using Evites for trail days. This way the invitees list can grow organically, folks can see who is coming, and information for car-pooling can be shared. This will augment other channls of communication.

Car-pooling: We will use the Evites and other means to facilitate this, and will always encourage car-pooling. Up front, time committments for groups must be acknowledged, and riding groups vs. pure trailwork groups should try to associate into shared rides resectively (did that make sense?).

New T-shirt: The trail workers want ROMP to make them a new T-shirt. One of the most important functions of this is to let other trail users know who is doing the trailwork and how to find out more about us. I was wondering if we could use Berry Stevens tag-line of “Build’em and Ride them” on the shirt. Motion to be made at next ROMP meeting.

Funding: There is concensus the trailworkers want to see coffee and food at the meet in the morning. I will make a motion at the next meeting for a small allowance.

New places to do trailwork: Volunteers can come forward and lead otherprojects, and ore leaders are always needed. Brushing in Grant Ranch will be happening.

Nominations for land manager recogntion throughawards, next ROMP meeting.

There’s more, but I have to go now.