Aug 03

The Tour de Peninsula

The Tour de Peninsula (TdP) bike ride will take place Sunday, August 6. “The Tour is owned and benefits the San Mateo County Parks & Recreation Foundation, a nonprofit that undertakes special projects to benefit San Mateo County’s (SMC) parks system and its users.” TdP Site

While everyone is welcome in SMC parks, the parks system continues to prohibit cycling off pavement. It is hypocritical to use cycling to benefit parks that cyclists only get to enjoy a very small fraction of.

Huddart and Wunderlich County Parks boast some of the Peninsula’s most beautiful and undisturbed Redwoods and Riparian habitats. The deep shade and numerous creeks provide a nature experience that is unsurpassed on the Peninsula. These resources must be protected, maintained and enjoyed.

I am passionate about cycling – on road and off. I believe SMC will some day recognize the health and community benefits of cycling for transportation and recreation. However, the TdP sells mountain bikers short. Mountain biking on dirt is banned by SMC ordinance. If permitted, mountain bikers would represent the single largest trail users group in county parks and would provide much needed revenue and volunteer trail maintenance. SMC Parks and Recreation is out of touch with the recreational desires of the residents of the county. TdP should work to change the ordinance if it is going to continue to profit from cyclists. Mountain biking should not be a crime.

Please enjoy the Tour. Bring your friends and family and help support the parks.

Josh Moore