Jul 31

Sanborn County Park Trails Master Plan 8/2 at 6:30

The Preferred Trail Alternatives Report for the Sanborn County Park Trails Master Plan will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission at the Isaac Newton Senter Auditorium at 70 W. Hedding St. in San Jose at 6:30pm on Wednesday August 2nd. The Report Summary and Map are attached to this email for your review. The same information can also be found on the Parks Website at www.parkhere.org (click on the Sanborn Trails Master Plan link on the Homepage or follow the links below).

The Preferred Trail Alternatives Report is a product of the comments received from the public, the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Project Team during the last seven months of work on the Sanborn Trails Master Plan. At this stage in the process, planned routes are 99% firm, but the designated use for each route hasn’t been set in stone. The report will touch upon the plan as it stands to date and apprise the Commission of our progress and next steps.

If you would like to comment on the Report Summary or Map, but can’t attend the Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting, please contact me via phone, email or by letter and I’ll be sure to include your comments in the public record.




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Santa Clara County
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