Jul 19

Report on 1st Ride of New 3rd Sat Ride

Four of us braved the sun at Russian Ridge on Saturday for the new 3rd Sat ride. One rider even biked up Page Mill to participate. The parking lot was very full, but the rest of us were able to squeeze in. We took a very moderate pace with lots of rest stops.
The views were magnificence, with a little fog hanging over the edge of the Pacific. We played on the roots on the Ancient Oaks trail. One long stretch has a string of very moderate roots, where you can practice root descending and ascending. We noshed at the secluded, shaded wooden deck at the top, and then sailed down the Hawk trail. We got in our 1000 feet of climbing, but it took longer than expected (i.e., those rest stops).

Historical note: I believe this was the start site of the original ROMP Sunday ride. Or more correctly, since the Russian Ridge parking lot did not exist at the time, it started at the intersection of Page Mill and Skyline.

Next ride on Aug 19 for experienced beginners and intermediate riders who want to go slower.