Jul 17

ECDM Trail work report, July 15

About 8 people showed up for trail work today in ECDM. 3 were mountain bikers. We set out with an Open Sapce Technician (OST) to brush Resolution, while another group drove to Purissima to brush Soda Springs, and clear some slides.
We brushed the manzanita on the up hill side back a few feet, and the trail is much more like I remembered it when I first started riding at ECDM some 5 years ago. The lines of site are longer, and I am sure that there will be a few complaints about trail widening. On the other hand, there are some nice features on the uphill side that you can hit again, now that the brush is out of the way. Hopefully, the downhill Manzanita will continue to grow and in a decade or so the trail will be more shaded.

While we were working, one of MROSD’s newest rangers hiked by. It is always good to see the rangers mixing it up with visitors. This is great PR for MROSD if you ask me.

After we finished, We rode down Resolution, and up ECDM trail, and looped around back to our cars along Serra Morena.

In late breaking hearsay, San Mateo county has yet to grant the permits for the retaining walls MROSD staff have planned for the extreme makeovers of Giant Salamander and the Creek Trail, It is highly unlikely that these trails will be closed this year for these upgrades.

As promised, everyone who brushed Resolution got a shiny new Brass Solo Incredibell with a ROMP logo on top.. Boy those have a nice tone. If you would like one, if you are regular volunteer or club officer, you can pick one up at the next ROMP meeting, July 24 at ROundtable Pizza in downtown Sunnyvale. Or you can volunteer at the next ROMP event. Not so sure when that would be. . . .

Thanks to everyone who showed up.