May 17

support funding the NPS Rivers and Trails

As you know, RTCA has been one of IMBA’s biggest supporters and has helped get mountain biking represented in dozens of trail projects
around the country. Further, RTCA went to bat for IMBA with the National ark Service and helped secure our new partnership agreement with their larger parent agency. Now is our time to return the favor
and I need each and every one of you to please make a phone call today. Many RTCA staffers could lose their jobs and dozens of projects could be dropped and even more turned away.

Click here for a list of specific RTCA projects in your region.

IMBA has made it very easy to make these phone calls. Click here
for IMBA’s action alert with a short script
. It is also copied at the end of this email.

If you are part of other statewide trails organizations or shared-use coalitions, please have your partner groups make phone calls today as
well. For example, in Michigan, the Michigan Mountain Bike Association teamed with the Michigan Recreation and Parks Association, hiking and
environmental groups, the university system and others to get Senator Levin to lead the charge.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if I can be of any assistance. IMBA’s Drew Vankat and IMBA DC Rep Scott Scudamore drew@imba.com
mtbmore@comcast.net are also helping with this campaign and can answer your questions as well.

Thank you for your time and your help with this very important matter,

Jenn Dice


IMBA Government Affairs Director