Apr 24

ROMP n Gearhead Earthday

A few of us headed over to Pacifica to set up a booth and chack out the scene in Pacifica yesterday, to help celebrate Earthday.Pacifica is a wonderful location where the ocean meets the mountains in a very personable, friendly way. There is definitely a more laid back, “island” kind of atmosphere – the ocean has that effect on me – I imagine it has that effect on everyone.

The day started with a short easy ride up the old highway to the “saddle” and a brief hike a ways up some of the more rugged trails in the area. Our guide, Jim Sullivan, regaled us with tales of trail building, advocacy and plain old fun. I would have loved to ride some of them, but alas I just got out of a cast and the doctor told me not to fall for a few more weeks. I got the impression that there was a tremendous variety of trails in the area, and that all user groups were always having positive user experiences, with the exception of some illegal motorcycle use.

I was amazed by the numbers of flowers – Johnny Jump Ups, Wild Irises, and Blue Blossom that were blanketing the verdant mountain sides. Whoah! The Colors!

The afternoon was spent under the ROMP tent, listening to live Blues, Grundge and Funk, and talking to the natives about the recent Golden Gate National Recreation Area acquisition in Half Moon Bay, and raising awareness about advocacy in general.

By the way, Please consider dropping in the open house Thursday in San Mateo between 3:30 and 7pm at:
Peninsula Community Foundation
1700 South El Camino Real, Suite 300
San Mateo CA
And tell them you would like to ride your bike on narrow, rugged single
track on GGNRA lands.

Earthday Photos

Thanks for your support!


ROMP President