Feb 14


We have a lot of opportunities right now to make a big difference in the bay area trail community. Master Plans happen about once every twenty years, and guide how a park is used. Currently we are looking at Master Plans at two parks.

Sanborn Skyline Park

Sanborn Skyline park bordered by Lexington Reservoir, Highway 36, Highway 9 and Saratoga is going through a master planning process. We could use your help to make biking an option in this currently hiking and equestrian only park. Would like to see regional connector trails from Los Gatos and Saratoga to Skyline? Perhaps you would like to see a jump park. Perhaps you would like some easier, beginner or intermediate loops in the middle of the park for family trips, or a place to take a novice. You can help make this a reality by writing

John Falkowski,
298 garden Hill Dr.
Los Gatos, CA 95032
john.falkowski at prk.sccgov.org

Huddart and Wunderlich Parks

Huddart and Wunderlich parks stretch from Woodside up to Skyline, accross the street from El Corte de Madera OSP (Skeggs) and North past Purissima OSP and Portola Valley. We are nearing the end of a Master plan, and this is the best opportunity we have had to end a 50 year prohibition on bikes in these parks. Currently the equestrians are fighting hard to keep us off a new trail that is separated from the existing trails by Kings Mountain Rd. In addition we need to ask for a North – South Connector parallel to Skyline (Highway 35) to be a multi-use alignment of the Bay Area Ridge Trail.We need you to write a letter to

Dave Holland,
San Mateo County Parks & Recreation
455 County Center, 4th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063-1646
dholdand at co.sanmateo.ca.us