Feb 14

Help wanted

ROMP needs some more people to get actively involved in organizing some stuff. Your dedication is what makes ROMP great. If you have any ideas on how to get people more involved, I would love to hear it. if you don’t know what you could do, here are some possibilities.We need someone to head up our efforts at the Sea Otter Classic, April 6-9. This would be recruiting volunteers and organizing how they completed some tasks.

We need some more people to help out with the Coe Back Country Weekend. This involves being granted a special permit to drive out into the back country and camp for a weekend. It would be good if you were willing to represent ROMP – say what ROMP is about if asked.

We need someone to keep notes of our monthly meetings. This is not hard and very important, and it gives you something to do while at the meeting. The meetings are in Sunnyvale at 7pm on Fourth Mondays.