Feb 03

Coe IMBA Specailized Event Thanks


This is my opportunity to thank everyone involved with the IMBA Trail Care Crew visit to Morgan Hill/Gilroy/Coe. Thanks to your contributions and exemplary attitude the event was successful. It was safe, no cars slithered off the road, no one got hurt, and a good time was had. I’m sure we all learned something. Thank you.

The attendance was gratifying, especially considering the credible threat of serious rain on any of the days. The turnout exceeded my expectation, and I wish that I had prepared more trail maintenance goals and leaders. Combined attendance on Saturday was 85!

It is rare for the IMBA TCC to show up with both crews and practically never do they return to the same venue twice. Hence it is unlikely to expect an event like this one for a few years. However if there seems to be an interest ROMP is capable of creating events like this independently. In any case we will apply for a TCC visit for 07′.

Our original intention was to help construct new trail in Harvey Bear. Perhaps we’ll obtain such a privelege to serve our County Parks in this fashion.

We are grateful for being granted the opportunity to serve and play in our wonderful Henry Coe State Park. We are truly blessed to have capable and friendly staff managing Coe. Thanks to Specialized for the material support. The lunches came out of their pocket. Obviously this local bike maker is serious about supporting locals.

There’ll be a write-up and some photos in the next ROMP newsletter. To see old newsletters go to ROMP.org. Here’s a link to the 2004 issue which covered the last IMBA visit to Coe. There’s interesting reading in that issue about the park.


I can’t wait to see how the trail we worked in feels like to ride. Maybe next weekend. Coe is a special place. Let’s work together to keep it safe, improve the trails, and keep the peace.

Paul Nam