Feb 20

Adopt A Trail!

Other ROMP volunteers have stepped up to the plate and adopted trails in other SC County parks, such as Grizzly Flat and Table Mountain in Stevens Canyon park. While I am not sure these adopted trails are only maintained by their adoptees, this may be the case.If someone could please adopt Rocky Ridge and / or Stiles Ranch, we would all be the better for it. YOU CAN DO THIS! You can do this yourself, or you have my full support if you want to adopt it in the name of ROMP. If you do adopt it in the name of ROMP, you will need to coordinate all the trail maintenance activities. I am happy to leand a hand, web site, email list to make it happen. Perhaps Charles and Paul would be willing to share some of their experience as trail adoptors.

If you would like to adopt, contact heidi.mcfarland at prk.sccgov.org

Here is more information from the SC COunty Parks Volunteer page: