Jan 18

Trail Care Crew at Coe details

As advertised in the latest ROMP newsletter, the IMBA Trail Care Crew is coming to Santa Clara at the end of this month. We will deploy our activity in Henry Coe State Park. The IMBA TCC visited us the same time last year at Santa Teresa County Park, and in Coe Febuary 2004.

The IMBA web page on the visit shows an overview of what it was like. The upcoming visit will be similar in many respects, and distinct in others.

Here’s the story from last year:


I’ve made up a poster, which I’ll post a few places this weekend. There is a prototype facsimile of it here:


Coe IMBA TCC Event 2006 Schedule:

Jan. 27, 7:00 pm-10:30pm: Friday Evening IMBA Social at Specialized

Jan 28 , 9:00 am: IMBA Trail Care Crew Trail Building School at Specialized, move to field school (joining work in progress) 1pm.

Jan 28, 9:00 am: Experienced Trailworker Trailwork at Hunting Hollow.

Jan 29, 9:00 am: Trailwork continues at Hunting Hollow

Jan 29, 2:30 pm: Group MTB ride, Coit Camp

Specialized Bicycle Headquarters is located in Morgan Hill (15130 Concord Circle, Morgan Hill, CA 95037.)

The driving directions to Hunting Hollow Parking Lot at Henry Coe State Park are found at:


I want everyone to notice that our huge local sponsor for this event is Specialized, and that their support in terms of the use of their facility and contributions in food and refreshments is extraordinary. The Friday evening social event will be a special one, and I encourage you to attend and learn why.

The Trail School will be offered. For those already familiar with the basic IMBA program, thanks to the last two years of TCC visits, we will also be simultaneously heading directly to the trails. Folks may choose to one day or both days of the trail activities.

More advanced topics, such as cribbing and retaining wall construction, will be entertained to trail work veterans.

On Sunday there will be an organized ride, conditions permitting, after the trailwork.

IMBA will be blasting out an email notice to IMBA members within a 200 mile radius of Coe pretty soon.

Please help ROMP, Coe and IMBA by spreading the word about this event. The date will be here very quickly. Specialized needs a good estimate of participants for each day so that we can arrange for food and refreshments accordingly. Spread the word to all nature lovers and land manager people.

RSVP please, to me. Email me (vocinam@yahoo.com), or call me, 408 446 3745.

For a discussion on the trail work see this thread on mtbr.com:

By simply showing up, you will bolster mountain bike advocacy on the ground in an immediate and effective way.