Nov 02

New Trails opening to Mountain bikes in MROSD!

Great News huh?

You can help make this a reality, and the trails are pretty choice too.The trails are Black Mountain in Rancho San Antonio, Zinfandel Trail in Picchetti Ranch, Ridge Trail (south of Horseshoe Lake) in Skyline Ridge,and Soda Gulch Trail in Purisima Creek Open Space Preserves.

Take a few moments today and write some comments to MROSD board about why you think these trails should be open to cyclists.

Some points you can make in your communication are:

* Cyclists should not be discriminated against. We should have access to the same quality trails as hikers and equestrians,instead of just steep, exposed fire roads.

* Regional and longer connecting trails reduce cyclist density at trailheads providing more, positive user experiences for everyone.

* Studies show that mountain biking does not damage trails any more than hiking.

* Opening trails to cyclists that create 5, 10, 15 mile loops in underused preserves reduces density in more popular preserves.

* The Bay Area Rdige trail is intended to be multi-use. Please consider opening all sections of Ridge trail to Mountain Biking.

Send your comments through this link:

Paper Snail Mail Responses are even better send them to:
Board Of Directors:
*Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District*
330 Distel Circle, Los Altos, California 94022-1404