Oct 31

Calabazas Closed. Decision Review Nov 1 at 7pm

Hey everyone, on the 4th of July a good friend of mine crashed at Calabazas Park and broke his neck in 3 places. He is doing much better now but is still in critical condition. As you can imagine staying in the ICU for a month and a half then getting moved around to all kinds of hospitals can get expensive and his family is having trouble paying for the bills, so what’s the logical American going to do? How about suing the city of San Jose for around $8 million? So now one of the best places to go dirt jumping is closed. But it’s not too late, San Jose is having a meeting at Lynbrook High School on Nov. 1 at 7pm. We need a lot of people to show up and show support for a legendary South Bay riding spot. For more information visit grande.gangus.com or www.msdhw.com/forum/.
Nick Ramsay