Sep 20

Temporary ECDM Trail Closures

There are a number of trail closures in ECDM

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Trail Conditions addresses seasonal trail closures

Notices and Announcements contains links to various protection plans and temporary trail closures.
Trail riders,

Here’s the latest closure list for ECdM. Please note that these closures serve the Watershed Protection Program. The closures are not permanent. These closures are being strictly enforced. Heavy equipment may be present throughout the preserve, so ride with extra caution please.

Effective 10/15/2004 through 11/05/2004

Gordon Mill the entire length is closed.

Timberview the entire length is closed.

Methuselah from Hwy 35 to Fir Trail is closed.

Cross-Cut is closed.

Cross-Over is closed.

Spring Board is closed from Steam Donkey to Blue Blossom.

Observe these closures and plan your rides accordingly. Steamdonkey is temporarliy an out and back trail due to these closures, so it is not reccomended (unless you like a long hike-a-bike).