Jul 01

ECdM Trailwork 6/26 report

Trail users,

The MROSD staff and volunteers from ROMP made significant headway on the new Blue Blossom realignment section this past Saturday.

We forged ahead building another 100 yards or so of new trail. We are within 50 ft of the far end of this realignment. It is reckoned that we will need two more days of work to finish this section. There ares still a few hundred feet of benching to do, and some difficult areas remain within the alignment for detailed work. Also, a seasonal drainage crossing requires some rock armouring.
22 volunteers and 3 MROSD staff contributed on this day. The weather was perfect. After the work 7 of us began a ride from Blue Blossom, over Hike-a-bike, Crosscut, TimberV, Gian Salamander, N Leaf, ECdM, and Sierra Morena trails, followed by a meal a Alice’s Restaurant.

Upcoming dates for the next workdays are not yet scheduled. When we know, an announcement will be made. We are planning to hold a special dedication trailwork day when the trail is finished followed by a short ride and party at Alice’s.

Thanks to all,