May 12

ROMP elects a new Vice President

Ben Lagueux has been elected the new vice president of ROMP, taking over from Claire Nippress.

Ben recently moved to the area from Arizona and brings a great deal of experience in mountain biking, advocacy, and working with land managers. He has been a regular at the club’s board members.

His enthusiasm and dedication to the sport of mountain biking make him an excellent choice for vice president.


The Vice President assists the President in all aspects of the leadership of ROMP. The Vice President�s responsibilities may include:

– Assisting in lobbying relevant organizations on behalf of the organization.

– Presiding at ROMP meetings in the absence of the President.

– Attending and representing ROMP at invitational functions and activities.

– Assisting in undertaking formal written correspondence on behalf of ROMP.

– Assisting in leading discussions, which provide the direction of ROMP.

– Contributing reviews, articles, reports, etc. to the ROMP newsletter.