Apr 08

The Sea Otter Classic: Retro Gathering 2004

Amongst the hundreds of things to do while at the Sea Otter, I�m hoping that some of you can find the time in your busy weekend schedule to attend the (unofficial) Sea Otter/MTBR Retro gathering.
Bring your vintage, retro, or classic mountain bike out to the MTBR booth at the Sea Otter Classic on Saturday, April 17th at 12 noon. If you don�t have a bike, come out regardless to socialize and check out some of the cool vintage MTB�s that may be on hand. If no one brings a bike�I guess you�d be coming to look at MY vintage MTB�s�
Here�s a link to the Retro Gathering thread:


Feel free to email me with any questions!
Hope to see you there!
aka: Rumpfy
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