Apr 26

Audience with Senator Torlakson concerning drunk driving and cycling safety

We have an audience with Senator Torlakson, a triathlete and sponsor of several bills concerning drunk driving and cycling safety. The meeting is set for 9am April 30th at San Jose State University. You can learn more about the Senator on his website at http://democrats.sen.ca.gov/senator/torlakson/

As we’re all too well aware, we risk our lives every time we go out for a bike ride and the penalties for hitting us and/or killing us is roughly that of killing a dog. We know that we need to increase the penalties, but we also have a duty to protect ourselves and not be riding all over the road (we’ve all seen it). So, for us to not squander the anger generated by the death of Alan Liu and the serious injury of Jill Mason, we need to get active NOW.

We need a broad coalition of triathletes, cyclists and interested parties that can have a serious and thought out discussion with the Senator, not blow off steam. At the end of the meeting, we should have a sketch plan of what we want to achieve and the Senator will draft this into an initiative that goes before the Assembly, the Senate and ultimately the Governator to become law.

The meeting is set for 9am April 30th at San Jose State University. Please forward this on to your respective groups and ask people who want to make a difference, and attend this meeting, to drop me a line privately at nickusa2000@yahoo.com. If anyone has contacts with Santa Rosa Cycling Club and or any of the Bay Area Cycling advocacy groups, please pass along there too.

This is a unique opportunity to make our roads safer for us all.


Nick Goddard