Jan 12

Sunday’s SanFrancisco MTB Advocacy Ride 01/11/04

We met at the Masonic Lodge on the NE corner of Golden Gate Park, corner of Fell and Stanyan. The next street over is Hayes, named unofficially after my favorite brakes!

It was a large turnout. The ride was multi-listed and hosted by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition with ROMP and SFMTB. Please check into what ride leader Aaron Thies of SFMTB doing: http://www.sfmtb.com/sheets/About.htmRead the SFMTB website and you will learn about the trail potential and reality. I’d say there were almost 40 cyclists at this ride, with a good number of ROMPers, both SF resident and Southbay in evidence. The new ROMP jersey looking good too!

We set off basically through Golden Gate Park, Stern Grove and up Mt Davidson, and then headed back. Along the way Aaron revealed to us trails we simply did not know about, which were pretty and fun, and challenging too.

With weather sunny and warm friends old and new all around we cruised through historic landmarks and treasured park lands in a genial manner. Many of us recounted tales from outings on the 20’s ride in year’s past, and noted some section for potential inclusion this year.

There are maps of these areas on the SFMTB.com website. It’s a great trip! Consider this alternative sometime: Ride to Caltrain, take it to the City, ride the trails and urban slickrock, grab a bite and a drink, and head home, all without a car. If you live in San Francisco, you already would know (I hope), mountain biking lives in them thar’ hills!