Jan 14

Special MROSD Meeting Jan 21

This is very important.

On January 21, the MROSD is holding a special meeting of the board to entertain the ECdM Watershed Protection Program. This is where the fate of this plan is decided. ROMP supports the plan and expects the District to approve the plan.

However, objections and concerns can be expected both from members of the board and from the public.

Please show up and help support this initiative. Tell your friends and trail using peers about this important meeting and encourage them to attend. Indeed, folks concerned with the habitat and trails affected by the plans, pro or con ought to be there to give voice to their concerns.

If the Districts approves the plan, we will probably be able to fininsh the Blue Blossom realignment this year, and flag another alignment and begin the environmental review and approval process on it.

The meeting is at 7 pm at 1 N San Antonio Rd in Los Altos.

Thank You,