Dec 08

Coe Ride Report 12/7/03

Clouds parted and the sun looked down on the puddled parking lot of Hunting Hollow Sunday morning to greet 43 cyclists about to embark upon some interesting rides into the Coe trail system.

We divided into two main groups: 12 headed out for an epic loop towards headquarters and Middle Ridge; while 31 more, the rest of the group, settled in for a tour of the front ridges, Jackson Hill, Willson Ridge, and Phegley Ridge, a route with plenty of places to abandon.

And abandon they did, in that second group, with just 19 finishing the route, which actually left out a planned loop out to Vasquez Ridge because yours truly is a bit off form.

The original dirty dozen, however, were committted and no bailouts were possible along their route.

After the ride a BBQ took place at co-leaders Ligaya and Phil’s house in Morgan Hill. The feasting and conversation made us forget our tired legs and the upcoming workweek for a while.

Trail conditions were ideal, and many a leg was worn to shreds. Beauty surrounded us on all sides. No mechanicals, no reportable crashes. Fortune smiled upon this event.