Aug 23

SF Watershed Opens to Mountain Bikers, Equestrians and Hikers

The very first time mtn bikers have been allowed to ride in the SF Watershed! It’s hard to overstate the historic significance of this new trail access. We have added 10 more miles to the trail inventory, in one chunk. It is unique and lovely; you really need to experience it to fully appreciate it all. Nowhere else in the Bay Area offers what this trail access does.

I encourage all of you to point your browsers to: www.sfwater.org and click on the Butterfly for Fifield-Cahill Trail and it will go to a page which lists clearly RESERVATIONS on right side or at the bottom and follow the prompts. You sign up as a new user entering your e-mail address and a password (one you can remember) and get registered on that page, THEN it clearly shows you EVENTS scheduled where you highlight the icon (blue on right) and sign in. You immediately get a confirmation e-mail back which (has a number and rules, etc) and you confirm your spot.

We want to make this access a success. We want each & every ride date to be filled, so they know how much we like it. As there will be a great many casual cyclists doing this, it’s important for ROMP members to be there to help the newbies enjoy the experience. Sign up & be one of the first to ride in this pristine, virgin area.

Berry Stevens