May 06

Jim Owen, ROMP Member, Fondly Remembered

Our good friend and advocate, Jim Owen, passed away on Sunday, May 4. Jim was out on a road ride with friends in Corralitos, as he was wont to be, and suffered a fatal heart attack.

As ROMP’s Trail Education Coordinator, Jim was someone who wore a lot of hats, and pitched in his help everywhere. His enthusiasm for cycling had him employed part time at REI Saratoga, in addition to other employment.

Jim is survived by his college age daughter Jamie. He leaves us with a legacy of volunteerism and civic involvement to uphold. ROMP and friends remember Jim as a steadfast companion in the meeting room and on the trails. We miss him. Our condolences to all who knew him.

– Paul Nam, President ROMP


I’m a couple of years younger than Jim & have known him for


years. I worked with him on several advocacy efforts and went

to alot

of meetings with him over the years. Always a cheerful &


spirit, a ready laugh and a sometimes wicked sense of humor.

There’s little one can say to take away the pain & loss, but

to say I

share it with you. Jim will be missed by all who know him &


thousands who ride in this area & have benefited by his time


efforts over the years. To be remembered well is the best

epitaph &

it will be Jim’s.


Berry T Stevens Build ’em & Ride ’em

3265 Fair oaks Ave

Redwood City, CA 94063



Although I new Jim for only one year it seems our paths would

cross often,

on and off the trail.

Jim greeted me on my first ROMP ride and made me feel welcome

in the

company of strangers.

Always helpful, he would gladly assist me whenever I asked.

We shared many a hour in the most beautiful of surroundings,


through our surrounding mountains.

Fond are the memories of our after ride meals and


Jim has a special place in my heart, as all of you who knew

him can understand.

His warm Spirt will accompany me each time I ride or help

someone along the


We lost a dear Brother on Earth, I feel his essence will

endure in the good

works we accomplish.

Rich Andrews

To all of Jim’s friends at ROMP:

Jim and Jain and I were on a loop ride Sunday morning. We

had left our

house in Aptos and planned to go out to Corralitos, up Eureka

Canyon to

Buzzard Lagoon, down Highland Way to San Jose Soquel Road and

back to our

house via Soquel Drive. We had done a nice warm-up to

Corralitos. We

stopped for a short break and started up Eureka Canyon Rd.

We were all

together for the first couple of miles of the climb and Jim

lagged back. He

was a slow climber and didn’t really stress himself in the

uphills. We had

small radios and Jain called back to him when we hit about 5

miles and he

said he was fine and that he knew where the top of the hill

was and he would

see us up there…

At about three miles from the top he apparently suffered a

massive heart

attack and we have been told he was most likely dead before

he hit the

ground. There were no signs of trauma and he was straddling

his bike and

unclipped. Someone told us there was someone immediately on

the scene and

performed CPR. A doctor arrived on scene within a couple of

minutes. The

paramedics had been only four miles away and they arrived in

response to the

911 call.

By the time Jain and I got back to him, the CHP was starting

to take down

all of the information they needed.

I have spoken to the Coroners office and they have assured me

that there

would have been nothing anyone could have done for him.

Jim was one of our closest friends and riding partner. I can

not remember a

weekend that we did not ride with him unless he was skiing.

The three of us

bought our road bikes at the same time so we would not be

without riding

when the weather was bad for mountain bike riding and we

could train better.

He was a tireless volunteer at the Sea Otter for us, every

single year that

I can remember.

We are going to miss our dear friend Jim. Jain and I are

going to make

plans to do something a little more permanent for a memorial

for him and

will let all of our friends at ROMP know what we come up



Michael & Jain

Michael & Jain Light

619 Clubhouse Drive

Aptos, CA 95003

(831) 662-9744

Jamie, I am very sorry to hear of Jim’s death. I rode with him and persuaded him to join the Santa Clara County Parks VCC. I can’t believe that he is gone. I contacted the County Parks person of this sad day. Please let me know that funeral plans, as I and ROMP, and the County would like to show our respects. If you need any help being living in FL and this being in CA, I will see what I can do. Why him? Ken


I knew Jim Owen for a couple years, we traded barbs as freely

as someone

I’d known for decades…………

I’ll speak his name when riding on the trails we’ve shared,

he’ll still

live in my heart.

My sincere condolences to his family,

Jim S

Jim will be missed, he was someone I always enjoyed riding with and talking to.Jeff Driskell


I don’t know if I have ever met any of you, but it warms my

heart to know he had so many great people in his life. He was

such a great man and it is a shame this world has to lose

him. It makes me happy to know that he was happy and doing what

he loved with people he loved and also loved him. i am in

florida but will be out in the next day or so and plan to spread

his ashes in the mountains , maybe on one af his favorite

trails and drink a glass of cheap trader joes red wine (that he

loved so much) with anyone who would care to join me and

share their memories of him. Paul please send this to all those

who apply, and I can be reached at 386 294 1960 or 760 809

8624. Mike light has been in contact with me and will also know

the details.

I thank you all for your love and appreciation of him

he will be greatly missed!

Thanks again,

Jamie Owen

I am in disbelief that Jim Owen is gone. He was always upbeat

and greeted

you with a smile. He would show up to meeting to give

support, voice his

opinion, and actively participate in ROMP. He would come to

meetings to

show support to keeping trails open, and even when tensions

ran high, he

was honest and didn’t back down from his position, defending


bikers access on trails.

He was a great guy, with lots of conviction for trail access

rights, and a

passion for riding. When I would go into REI, I would take a

peek in the

shop to see if he was working, to say hello. He will be

missed by many.

Indeed, this is sad news. Over the years I shared many good

rides and

good times with Jim and always enjoyed his company. With his


we’ve lost a friend and a strong mtb advocate and it

disheartens me to

think Jim won’t be out on the trails with us again. I’m sure

he’ll be

missed by many folks.


The news of Jim Owen’s passing saddens me. Jim will be remembered fondly for his generosity, good humor, and disarming straight from the hip honesty of opinion. His example inspired me many times, and I am glad that I was so honored.


Paul Nam


I just received word from Bob Ward that Jim Owen suffered a

fatal heart attack

while on a road ride near Santa Cruz over the weekend.

Almost anyone who has been active with ROMP over the last

several years

undoubtedly met Jim at some point. Jim was one of the active

folks who made

ROMP the successful group it is, serving as trail education

coordinator and

leading many rides. For the last year or so, he also worked

part-time at REI,

so you may have run into him there.

In addition, he was just a great guy and a fun person to

ride, chat, or share a

beer with. He will be greatly missed.

I’ll pass along details about services as well as a memorial

ride that Bob is

putting together when I receive them.

Rod Brown

I was deeply saddened when I heard the news of my friend Jim Owens. I worked with Jim part time at REI and Jim also worked with another friend of mine at Adobe (which we both found ironic), it made us realize how small this world really is.

My friend Marty called me at 9 on Monday morning and told me the news. I was in total shock. The thing I remember most about Jim was his smile and his laughter. I remember once we were on a ride at Russian Hill and everyone was tearing through the trail but I found it more enjoyable to hang back with Jim and talk with him the whole time. We talked about many things and I will never forget it. Even though he was 25 years older then me I found in him a friend and a special bond. I enjoyed talking to him and hearing his laughter. I will miss him deeply and not a ride will go by when I don’t think about him. Goodbye my friend.

Bill L