Jan 07

New Reservoirs Threaten Coe

New Dams and Reservoirs in Coe?

The Santa Clara County Water Department has plans to raise new dams in and around Henry Coe State Park.

These proposed reservoirs are alternatives in a study known as The Low Point Improvement Project. The problem is that when water levels in San

Luis Reservoir fall below a certain point algae blooms can propogate in the warm summer climate to the extent that they taint the water with metabolic by products and physically obstruct water delivery systems. To address growing water needs of the public and agriculture, this low point problem is a serious issue.

For more information see

http://www.coepark.org on the internet.

These reservoirs would seasonally drown

many pristine canyons, destroy habitats,

and eliminate recreational trails. To the

full extent possible, these reservoirs

would dwarf nearby Coyote and

Anderson reservoirs.

Is this a new issue? The water rights

were apparently obtained over 50 years

ago, and these dam sites had been scoped

long ago. What is new is that The Low

Point Improvement Project is seeking

solutions, and as bad as it sounds, new

huge reservoirs in Coe are on the table.

ROMP will be engaged, and fighting for

the defense of the trails, and more

importantly the natural beauty and

irreplaceable wildlife habitats threatened.